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It is FreshResume’s policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect while operating our website. This Privacy Policy applies to https://www.freshresume.co (hereinafter, "us", "we", "FreshResume" or "https://www.freshresume.co"). We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting personally identifiable information you may provide us through the Website. We have adopted this privacy policy (Privacy Policy) to explain what information may be collected on our Website, how we use this information, and under what circumstances we may disclose the information to third parties. This Privacy Policy applies only to information we collect through the Website and does not apply to our collection of information from other sources.

This Privacy Policy may be amended at any time, with or without notice or notification, so we recommend periodically reviewing it. Continued use of the Site or Services following the posting of any change to this Privacy Policy constitutes acceptance of all changes. We suggest printing or saving a local copy of this Privacy Policy for your records.

With the help of templates, you can build CVs with our service. When you use our programs, applications, websites, and apps, we process your personal data. We will refer to this as the "Service" from now on. We give a succinct overview of when and how we obtain, use, and protect your personal data in this privacy statement.

2. General

This privacy statement's requirements can be changed. When we do, we'll let you know. However, we recommend that you review the privacy policy for yourself from time to time to see if it has changed.

3. What kind of personal data do we gather?

We may obtain your personal information in a number of ways. We clarify which personal information we may collect from you in this section. The personal data is sorted into groups based on the processing objectives. The amount of time that personal data is processed for the relevant purpose is indicated for each objective. If legislative retention periods change, the retention periods listed in this privacy statement will change as well.

Personal data that we have personally obtained or that you have directly given to us.

3.1 Processing data in accordance with the law

Administrative obligations: we keep these personal details for a period of ten years.

Name; address; invoice and payment details

If you want to use our services, you must provide us with these personal details. The explanation for this is that we need these information in order to satisfy our legal (administrative) obligations.

3.2 Processes that are required for the execution of a contract that you have signed (providing the Service)

In general, we retain this personal data for up to two years after the arrangement has ended (before we delete your data we will ask you if you should still want to keep your account any longer). This includes any information you upload when you create a CV with us, such as, but not limited to:

Name; Email; Session ID; Payment information (Stored by payment provider); date of birth; Sex; telephone number; Employer; work-related roles; other positions held; Hobbies; Qualifications; References; courses attended; Internships; Languages you speak; Photos uploaded; Skills; interests in respect of career development; companies you would like to apply to work for; links to websites and/or your social media accounts

You must provide us with your name, e-mail address, and payment information in order to use our Service. The explanation for this is that these personal details are needed in order to provide you with the Service. Your session ID must also be processed so that we can differentiate you from other users. When you build a CV, you can include the other personal information mentioned above. However, you are not obligated to provide us with that information. However, if you do provide us with the personal information, we will use it to build your CV.

If you want to log in to our Service using your social media account, your social media provider will automatically send us your name and profile picture. In the meantime, we'll use this information to populate your CV.

Our Service allows you to share your CV with third parties, but only after you have given permission in advance. We keep track of your permission, including the date and time you gave it, as well as the IP address from which you gave it. We will share your CV and the personal data found inside it with the parties you have chosen if you have given your consent.

3.3 Processing for the purposes of safeguarding our legitimate interests

1) Enhancing our services: We hold these personal data for a period of 2 years after they are collected

IP address; computer ID; user ID; operating system; login time, date, and location

2) Keeping the Service safe and preventing abuse: We keep these personal data for 1 year after they have been collected (if we discover abuse, we may keep these personal data for an indefinite period of time to protect our Service.)

IP address; device ID; session ID; operating system; login time, date and place; payment location; type of connection

3) To keep you updated about our other services (if you have ordered a paid service from us): we keep your personal details until you tell us that you no longer want to be contacted for marketing purposes.

  • - e-mail address

This personal data is analyzed based on an assessment of interests. If you do not want to include the information requested in 3.3.1 or 3.3.2, please let us know why. We'll think about your motives and re-evaluate the situation. If, after a new assessment of your preferences, we determine that you still need to provide your personal data, you will not be able to use our Service if you fail to do so. Under the heading 'Your rights,' you will find more detail about your rights.

By following the unsubscribe instructions included with each marketing e-mail, you can opt out of the processing listed in section 3.3.3. We will not be able to give you important e-mails about the Service or your account if you unsubscribe. Furthermore, it has no bearing on our right to use your personal information in the ways outlined in this privacy policy.

3.4 Processing with your permission

1) To remind you (at your request) about the service you have used or other services we offer: we keep your personal details until you tell us you no longer want to receive marketing information.

Name; organisation; e-mail address

2) We retain this personal data for a period of 2 months after your request or query has been processed in order to remind you and answer your questions.

Name; Organisation; e-mail address; other personal data entered by you when contacting us

3) Tracking cookies: We keep your personal details for up to 2 years after you visit our website.

online/cookie ID number; IP address; device ID; pixel ID; How you use our website; The website from which you visited; Your location; How you utilise our services; What products you purchased; Which of our advertisements you have seen

You are under no obligation to provide us with these personal information. There will be no negative implications to your use of the Service if you do not provide us with your personal details. As a consequence, you can continue to use the Service. We will process these personal data with your permission, and they will only be processed after you have effectively given your consent or provided the personal data on your own.

4. Sharing your personal data

We do not describe, sell, or trade any personal data about our visitors and users to third parties unless otherwise specified in this privacy policy.

4.1 Cooperation with processors

We will enlist the help of others to provide the Service. These third parties may have access to your personal details. In this privacy policy, these third parties are referred to as "Processors." For these processors, we enter processing agreements.

We use the following processors: software developers and suppliers; (personal) data storage and database management and maintenance; testing agencies and analytical software to enhance our services and website (including privacy-friendly Google Analytics settings to avoid sharing personal data with Google); ticket managers for customer support; managers of assessment forms; hosting

The Processor may collect your personal data on our behalf in some cases. The Processors are informed that they can only use personal data obtained from us to provide the Service. Processors are not allowed to use this information for marketing purposes.

4.2 Sharing with your permission

We can also share personal information with others if you give us permission. We may, for example, collaborate with third parties to provide you with unique services or deals. If you sign up for these services or marketing deals, we can need to share your name or contact information in order to provide the service or contact you.

4.3 Legal Obligations

We can also share personal data with third parties if it is fairly necessary or reasonable to comply with legal obligations; is needed to respond to any claims; is necessary to protect our rights, property, or safety, as well as that of our customers, staff, or the general public; is necessary to protect ourselves or our users against fraud.

If a government agency makes a request for your personal data, we will notify you right away unless we are prohibited by law from doing so.

5. Security of your personal data

We believe it is important to handle and protect your personal information with respect. As a result, we've introduced effective technological and organizational security measures to safeguard your personal information. In any case, we've taken the following steps:

We also put in place physical and electronic safeguards to avoid unauthorised access, loss, or misuse of personal data to the greatest extent possible.

When transmitting confidential information or personal data to us, such as account passwords and other payment-related identifying information, we use SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security) technology.

Wherever feasible, two-step authentication is used to avoid unauthorised access to personal data to the maximum extent possible.

Wherever practicable, sensitive data is kept encrypted.

Vulnerabilities in the program are addressed as soon as possible.

We would like to emphasize that full protection for the transmission or storage of personal data over the internet cannot be ensured at all times.

6. Links to third-party sites

Links to other websites and resources can be included in our Services. Furthermore, third-party ads can be shown on our Service. Details about you can be stored on third-party websites and services. These sites and their activities are beyond our influence. If you send your personal information to third parties, we have no involvement. In that scenario, the third-privacy party's policies apply. We accept no responsibility for the substance of such parties' privacy policies or the manner in which they handle personal information. Before you send personal information to them, we recommend that you check their privacy and security procedures and policies.

7. User rights

You have some protections in terms of your personal data under privacy legislation. The following rights are not absolute rights. We will always consider your best interests when determining whether or not we can fairly fulfill your order. We will deny your request if it is not possible, or if it would infringe on the privacy of others, for example. If we turn down a submission, we will explain why.

Viewing privileges

You have the right to inquire about the personal data we manage. You may also request information about the processing objectives, relevant categories of personal data, (categories of) receivers of personal data, retention periods, data sources, and whether or not we use automated decision-making.

You have the right to request a copy of your personal data that we process. We will charge you a fair fee for additional copies if you need them.

Right to be corrected

You have the right to request that we update or supplement your personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete.

If we agree to your request, we will notify the parties to whom we provide data about it, to the extent that this is fair.

Right to data deletion

You can ask us to delete any (or all) of your personal data if you no longer want us to process particular elements of your personal data. The object of processing decides whether or not we can delete the data. If personal data is no longer needed, we only delete it if it is processed on the basis of legal obligations or to fulfill an agreement. We only delete data if your interests outweigh ours when we process data on the basis of justified interests. This decision will be made by us. If we collect this information with your permission, we will only delete it if you revoke your consent. We can delete your data if we have unintentionally handled it in an illegal way or if a particular law allows us to do so. If the information is needed for the administration of legal proceedings or (a legal) dispute, we will hold it until the process or dispute has been resolved.

If we agree to your request, we will notify the parties to whom we provide data about it, to the extent that this is fair.

Processing restrictions

You may also ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data if you disagree with the quality of the data we process, if you feel we have processed your personal data illegally, whether we no longer need the data, or if you have objected to the processing. For example, if we need to determine your disagreement or objection for a period of time, or if it is clear that there is no (longer a) legal justification for processing that personal data, but it is in your best interests for us to retain your data. We can still use your personal data for the administration of civil proceedings or a (legal) dispute if we restrict the processing of your personal data at your request.

Transferable right

We may transfer the data we process to fulfill the agreement, or that we process automatically based on your approval, to you or another party nominated by you, upon your request. You can make such a request at any time you like.

Person decision-making that is automated

We don't make decisions solely on the basis of automated processing.

Right to object and the opportunity to withhold consent

You have the right to object to the processing of your data if it is based on a legitimate interest. You have the right to revoke your consent if we are processing your data with your permission. For more details, please see the related processing purposes mentioned above.

Using your legal rights

You can contact support@freshresume.co if you want to see, correct, erase, or transfer your personal data, or if you want to revoke your consent or object to the processing of your personal data.

When you send a written request to access, update, or remove your data, we require adequate identification to prevent misuse. This can be accomplished by enclosing a copy of a legitimate photo ID with your submission. On the paper, make sure to redact your citizen service number and photo.

8. Contact

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or comments otherwise, please contact us at support@freshresume.co or by post at

Fresh Lab Marketing Ltd
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ